Gleaming perfect white teeth is on everybodys wish list.

Latest techniques enable us all to satisfy our wish by utilizing the peroxide compound gel

And a plastic compound plate to hold the bleaching agent against the enamel of the teeth that require whitening

In some case a special light is used to speed up the bleaching process

These compounds and materials are perfectly safe to use and present no toxicity problems

However some teeth are beyond this process

They are usually teeth that are heavily decayed, grey teeth and artificial teeth

Because the process needs to work on healthy discoloured enamel as a bleaching agent

You can understand how the process woild not work on the others

Onec the process has begun positive results will be noticed in just a matter of only days

Regular maintenance with constant repetitions of the process is required to keep the white going.

Hoever you must be carefull not to ingest the peroxide

Sourced & published by Henry Sapiecha

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