A smile to die for.

There’s nothing more inviting than a big, friendly warm smile.

Unfortunately, too many people are self-conscious about their smile due to the discolouration of their teeth.

Teeth can become yellowed as a result of injury.  They can also reduce their whiteness from exposure to nicotine and cigarettes, coffee and tea or colas and other foods that can create stains over time.

There are several remedies to return your teeth to brilliant white.

The most effective albeit, most expensive solution is regular cleanings, scalings and polishing from a dentist.  Unfortunately, this procedure is not plausible for many people, who instead look for do-it-yourself solutions they can perform at home.

Peroxide is a natural whitening agent that can remove built up stains on teeth.  It won’t be an immediate effect, but after a few applications, teeth become noticeably brighter.  However, care needs to be exercised when using peroxide, as this bleaching agent is quite dangerous if accidentally ingested.  For this reason, many consumers turn to blander non concentrated teeth bleaching products that contain peroxide as an active ingredient.

The most popular teeth bleaching products, including polishes and stick on strips, contain peroxide as the acting ingredient  to whiten teeth.  While these products are quite effective, they can often be messy and time consuming.

However, there are some products that provide the whitening strength of peroxide along with natural ingredients to provide a great cleansing for discoloured teeth.

A great example of a simple and effective home whitening product is Glisavera.  This is a gel paste which can be used at home to brighten up those pearls while also adding to your tooth and gum health.  Glisavera includes vitamins and minerals so it keeps both teeth and gums in great shape, plus it won’t cause any pain and is unlikely to create sensitivity.

It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen and within a few days, you’ll notice that not only are your teeth whiter and brighter, but your gums will be  in better shape too, giving you a warm and glowing smile.

Sourced & published by Henry Sapiecha

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