White teeth requirement is “absolutely” on the upswing

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declares Dr. Tom Breneman, president of the Canadian dental association. As we go through life and use our teeth, they darken. But just try telling that to parents, breneman says. “if the tooth isn’t white, the parents think it’s not perfect. A child’s first teeth are so white. As soon as the other teeth start coming in, the parents say, ‘what’s wrong with these other teeth?’

White teeth is the bleaching process, which can make mouths hypersensitive. Fortunately, one recently introduced whitening machine, promises to take some of the pain away. Some products use only a little hydrogen peroxide and a metal halide lamp, which doesn’t emit as much heat as lasers do (still, as with most in-office treatments, home follow-up care is necessary to prevent the teeth from losing their shine). One operator,who has a warm chairside manner and is up on the latest technology, offers the 75-minute treatment for a relatively affordable $975.

Tooth Whitening Superstore.Com

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