I am a coffee drinker, and on occasions i like to drink red wine.

“rub fresh sage leaves on your teeth to clean them and remove stains.

White teeth is not as important as having healthy teeth and gums. Many dentists and periodontists have a “plaque control” patient education room for demos and videos to learn the proper brushing techniques (note i say techniques. ) so if given a chance to view such a patient education aid, sit through it with kids if you have them. Also, please be aware that while my ideas on oral hygiene will go far in maintaining your overall oral health, you must not only get regular dental checkups, but you also must have your teeth as well-maintained as you do for your fave car. Again, i underscore the mandatory need for flossing and rinsing before brushing. Plaque must be removed at least once every 24 hours, and since mornings are already a rush for most, if you do the method i have described at night, not only will you have more time to properly devote to your teeth, but your mouth will be clean for the longest time before you breakfast, etc. And do not brush your teeth in the mornings and then eat breakfast. Here’s the info on the proper brushes to obtain. Butler toothbrushes, i have no affiliation with the company or the web site, in other words, i have nothing to gain, nor am i in any way endorsing the products listed here other than to say that there are no better brushes to be had—anywhere. You simply cannot find good toothbrushes in drug or grocery stores, and the prices of the ones i recommended are equivalent or even less expensive than other off-the-shelf products.

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