White teeth is usually at the top of your wish list

You will find that cosmetic dentistry is growing among men and women who want a brighter, whiter smile. Nowadays, you can find dental treatment that fits your budget, including any whitening and bleaching processes. You can even find those that will fit your time schedule and your personal sensitivity levels. You will find that there are a wide range of whitening products and services, you can get spend an hour or two in your dentist office having your teeth bleached, or you can go to your local pharmacy and purchase a bleaching product which can be used in your home. Though there are many opportunities for these services you will find that information on this topic may not be easily found, due to the simple fact that usually only 15% of the population, have a chance to get this process done. One little known fact is that teeth whiting is one of the processes that actually works for you. Almost everyone who has ever experienced this type of cosmetic service have seen some sort of improvement, whether it is moderate or it is substantial. Many will have this process done because it gives them bright, white teeth for a more beautiful smile. However, it is very important to realize that whitening is not a permanent process and will require you to have regular touch ups & to maintain the desired effect long term. The whitening process is accomplished by using whitening agents (such as whitening toothpastes) in order to give the teeth back their original surface color by removing any dirt and debris you may have.

White teeth is starting too early, with possible consequences ranging from nuisance to nightmare. If a young person uses these products before his or her permanent teeth are completely and fully grown, “then the whitening makes no sense,” says dr. Mickey bernstein, president of the american academy of aesthetic dentistry. In those situations, if the teeth are bleached and then more surfaces are exposed due to normal tooth maturation, the new growth and the older bleached tooth might not match. That might leave a two-toned appearance, not exactly the dazzling white look originally sought. A less severe problem is gum sensitivity. The bleaching agent can irritate teeth and gums, but usually the problem is short-lived. In more acute cases, which occur in younger patients, treated teeth or gums become extremely sensitive. Those people should take some time off from the process.

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