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How vigorous teeth flossing caused woman’s knee infection

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A US woman’s vigorous flossing routine lead to a nasty bacterial infection in her prosthetic knee.

Dentists often advise that flossing is essential for healthy teeth.

But a 65-year-old US woman took this advice a little too far and ended up in hospital, but not with an injury you might expect.

The woman, who had undergone a knee-replacement five years earlier, arrived at a local hospital in Wisconsin with a swollen and inflamed right knee.

When doctors took a sample of the fluid around the joint they discovered it was infected with a bacteria typically found in the mouth, Streptococcus gordonii.

While this seemed unexpected at first, the doctors then learned that the women had started a “vigorous dental flossing regimen prior to the onset of symptoms”.

It appears that by flossing so vigorously that her gums bled, the S. gordonii travelled through her bloodstream to the knee prosthesis.

Prosthetics do not have an immune system, making them easy targets for bacteria to grow a biofilm around them. Infections around prosthetics are mostly commonly caused by the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis.

In a case report published in the British Medical Journal Case Reports doctors said this was the first case of oral S. gordonii being linked to an infection of a prosthesis in the US.

To treat the bacterial infection, doctors opened up the women’s knee and cleaned her replacement knee. She was also placed on long-term antibiotics.

Ala Dababneh, an infectious disease specialist involved with the case, told Live Science the event was extremely rare and people with prosthetics should continue flossing their teeth.

“I don’t want people to worry that just flossing is going to cause them an infection in their prosthetic joint,” said Dr Dababneh, from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

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Red wine battles cavities

Any reason to drink is a good one as far as I’m concerned, so here’s one more for the list: Red wine is good for your teeth.

No, I’m not drunk and I haven’t gone crazy – I know wine can darken your pearly whites if you’re not careful.

But the polyphenols in a good red can also stop the process that leads to cavities and tooth decay.

As you learned in kindergarten, sugar kicks this party off. But the sugar alone doesn’t do all the damage – it gets help from Streptococcus mutans, bacteria that basically eat the sugar and poop out glucans.

The glucans form a film on your teeth that then allow the bacteria to cling and cause decay and rot – and next thing you know, you’re screaming 7 kicking in a dentist’s chair.

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But researchers have found that the polyphenols in fermented grape stems, skins, and seeds actually render S. mutans impotent, at least when it comes to all that glucan- making.

The researchers also found a similar effect with cranberries. And if you can eat or cook with plain cranberries, more power to you. But since most people have never seen a cranberry that wasn’t drowned in sugar and then sauced or juiced, let’s stick to the wine.

Researchers say the two best wines for bacteria-blocking polyphenols are Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir. But they don’t recommend actually drinking those wines – oh no. That would be too easy.

These killjoys point out that wine can stain teeth, so instead they want to isolate the polyphenols and add them to toothpaste and mouthwash.

And that’s where this turns into hogwash – because you just know that rinse will be loaded with fluoride, too.

Since the benefits of wine go far beyond cavity prevention, don’t be afraid to drink up. And if you’re worried about stains, be sure to rinse with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide at the end of your evening.

Just remember to swallow your wine and spit your peroxide, and you’ll do just fine.

Wining and dining,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D
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White teeth requirement is “absolutely” on the upswing

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declares Dr. Tom Breneman, president of the Canadian dental association. As we go through life and use our teeth, they darken. But just try telling that to parents, breneman says. “if the tooth isn’t white, the parents think it’s not perfect. A child’s first teeth are so white. As soon as the other teeth start coming in, the parents say, ‘what’s wrong with these other teeth?’

White teeth is the bleaching process, which can make mouths hypersensitive. Fortunately, one recently introduced whitening machine, promises to take some of the pain away. Some products use only a little hydrogen peroxide and a metal halide lamp, which doesn’t emit as much heat as lasers do (still, as with most in-office treatments, home follow-up care is necessary to prevent the teeth from losing their shine). One operator,who has a warm chairside manner and is up on the latest technology, offers the 75-minute treatment for a relatively affordable $975.

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White teeth is everyone’s issue.

It seems that they are not contented with their white teeth. The color of teeth of celebrities and film stars are the envy of everybody.

There are foods and substances that are known for staining teeth so you can consciously avoid these substances. Some foods that can cause stains are tea, coffee, and red wine. This is not an exhaustive list, but it is a start. Behaviors such as smoking are know to cause tooth stains too. You may not want to avoid these foods, and you may want to remove the stains that have already been caused. In this case, you are going to have to look elsewhere. Professional whitening is expensive, but it yields results. You make an appointment to have your dentist whiten your teeth, and the whitening is accomplished that way. The problem with this method is that it tends to be rather expensive. Not everyone wants to shell out large amount of money for teeth whitening services, especially when they know there is another way, and that other way can be highly effective on its own.

White teeth is the side effect of many of the high concentration gels which mixes with saliva and forms peroxide. This will burn the gums and other tissues within the mouth. Some more natural methods to whiten the teeth include additives to toothpaste. Many companies include silica, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate in their products. These materials simply remove stains by grinding off foreign deposits. In this way, these materials do not actually alter the color of the teeth.

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I am a coffee drinker, and on occasions i like to drink red wine.

“rub fresh sage leaves on your teeth to clean them and remove stains.

White teeth is not as important as having healthy teeth and gums. Many dentists and periodontists have a “plaque control” patient education room for demos and videos to learn the proper brushing techniques (note i say techniques. ) so if given a chance to view such a patient education aid, sit through it with kids if you have them. Also, please be aware that while my ideas on oral hygiene will go far in maintaining your overall oral health, you must not only get regular dental checkups, but you also must have your teeth as well-maintained as you do for your fave car. Again, i underscore the mandatory need for flossing and rinsing before brushing. Plaque must be removed at least once every 24 hours, and since mornings are already a rush for most, if you do the method i have described at night, not only will you have more time to properly devote to your teeth, but your mouth will be clean for the longest time before you breakfast, etc. And do not brush your teeth in the mornings and then eat breakfast. Here’s the info on the proper brushes to obtain. Butler toothbrushes, i have no affiliation with the company or the web site, in other words, i have nothing to gain, nor am i in any way endorsing the products listed here other than to say that there are no better brushes to be had—anywhere. You simply cannot find good toothbrushes in drug or grocery stores, and the prices of the ones i recommended are equivalent or even less expensive than other off-the-shelf products.

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White teeth is not only cosmetic but…

It also shows that your teeth are healthy. Therefore its important for a person to maintain white teeth. One wayof doing so is getting the perfect teeth whitener and maintaining a constant routine to keep your teeth white. In the recent past dental hygiene has become a major issue for overall health. Through maintenance of good dental hygiene by regularly brushing  teeth and flossing, one is able to prevent a majority of health related problems. To maintain that sparkling smile try to make an effort of taking good care of your teeth more than once in a day. The use of the correct techniques is also important to keep your teeth glowing. It takes great effort to keep your teeth perfect. In order for you to be able to maintain a perfect set of teeth you have to know and understand your teeth. As a child the teeth are covered by a hard porcelain enamel that acts as a protective barrier. With the daily stresses the enamel wears out as time goes by allowing the tooth’s core material dentil which is yellow in color to show through. This gives your teeth a discolored unattractive look. As the years go by constant chewing allows enhances cracks to develop. These cracks may get filled with micro food particles and allows stains to develop and eventually lead to cavities.

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White teeth is usually at the top of your wish list

You will find that cosmetic dentistry is growing among men and women who want a brighter, whiter smile. Nowadays, you can find dental treatment that fits your budget, including any whitening and bleaching processes. You can even find those that will fit your time schedule and your personal sensitivity levels. You will find that there are a wide range of whitening products and services, you can get spend an hour or two in your dentist office having your teeth bleached, or you can go to your local pharmacy and purchase a bleaching product which can be used in your home. Though there are many opportunities for these services you will find that information on this topic may not be easily found, due to the simple fact that usually only 15% of the population, have a chance to get this process done. One little known fact is that teeth whiting is one of the processes that actually works for you. Almost everyone who has ever experienced this type of cosmetic service have seen some sort of improvement, whether it is moderate or it is substantial. Many will have this process done because it gives them bright, white teeth for a more beautiful smile. However, it is very important to realize that whitening is not a permanent process and will require you to have regular touch ups & to maintain the desired effect long term. The whitening process is accomplished by using whitening agents (such as whitening toothpastes) in order to give the teeth back their original surface color by removing any dirt and debris you may have.

White teeth is starting too early, with possible consequences ranging from nuisance to nightmare. If a young person uses these products before his or her permanent teeth are completely and fully grown, “then the whitening makes no sense,” says dr. Mickey bernstein, president of the american academy of aesthetic dentistry. In those situations, if the teeth are bleached and then more surfaces are exposed due to normal tooth maturation, the new growth and the older bleached tooth might not match. That might leave a two-toned appearance, not exactly the dazzling white look originally sought. A less severe problem is gum sensitivity. The bleaching agent can irritate teeth and gums, but usually the problem is short-lived. In more acute cases, which occur in younger patients, treated teeth or gums become extremely sensitive. Those people should take some time off from the process.

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White teeth is a desire of many people.

Clean white teeth are a sign of beauty, and hence there is a good reason why people should try to look for ways of trying to get to attain the objective of having that unique smile. There are many products and formulas that have been advocated to bring the solution to white teeth. There are gels and pastes that have been floated in the market for that particular purpose. There are those that will come with short term effects while others will be seen to be having the results in the long run. One product that has come to be demanded so much in the line of teeth whitening is denta white. It is a product that has come out of intensive research and is well tested to confirm the effectiveness. Denta white is perhaps the fastest solution for whiting of the teeth. It can also be said to be the most cost effective solution. With denta white, you can now afford to give that bright smile that is confident and healthier.

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Just a little bit of awareness and search for a good product from a renowned company will help you achieve good white teeth and you will also be able to maintain it. These home teeth whitening kits are quite effective and you have to use it following the directions and most important thing is that they are quite inexpensive too. Now you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars and some painful sittings with your dentist in order to get white teeth. You can make your teeth white as well as maintain it by just doing everything on your own. You can restore your beautiful smile with these safe and easy to use do-it-yourself products. You get that sparkle and shine in your teeth back and you look healthy and sexy too. Just by brightening your smile you can see the vast difference in your appearance and the compliments that you receive from your friends.

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White teeth are an essential feature of a smile.

There are basically two types of bleaching. The first method involves application of a high concentrate of a suitable oxidizing agent for a small period of time. This method is known as the office bleach. Though this method is supposed to bring quick results but there are also some risks involved as there are chances of side effects such as chemical burn to the soft tissues. The common bleaching agents are carbamide peroxide that breaks down inside the mouth and forms hydrogen peroxide, or else hydrogen peroxide itself. Another method of bleaching teeth to restore your smile is by using a thin strip or mouth guard that will hold a small concentration of a suitable oxidizing agent close to your teeth for a long period of time that can stretch from several hours a day to even a period of five to fourteen days. This process is also known as over-the-counter or take- home bleaching. Though this method is comparatively slower process than office bleach but the advantage is that there are fewer risks of damage to the soft tissues. This bleaching agent is normally less than 10% of equivalent hydrogen peroxide. There are some guidelines to follow before your first appointment with your dentist for professional whitening, discuss what you want after your bleaching process, to understand and choose the best option amongst the different options available, know more about the process itself, associated risks and limitations. The common risks include temporary increase in sensitivity of teeth and slight irritation of the soft tissues inside the mouth and especially tissues of the gums. Also talk about your dentist about your cavities, if any, as all big cavities should be addressed before the process of bleaching takes place.

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